African Podcast Workshop

Call for Applications

Thank you for your interest in the African Podcast Workshop, hosted by the Radio Workshop.

The online training will take place between April and June 2021 and will be offered at no cost. Selected participants will need to commit to at least six hours each week. To take part, you need to be between 18 and 35 years old and be a resident in an African country. While the workshop will be conducted in English, you will be able to produce stories in the language of your choice.

Over the course of ten modules, you will learn foundational podcasting skills, including pitching stories, reporting, interviewing, selecting tape, writing for the ear, and conversational tracking. Each module will be presented through a combination of live instructor-led sessions, reading and listening exercises, collaborative group edits, and practical assignments you can do in your own time. Through mentorship from experienced editors and producers, you will learn how to tell well-crafted, nuanced audio stories. As a final result, you will have produced at least one story to add to your portfolio. 

The workshop will also include a series of expert-led webinars that will explore topics like show development strategy, audience-building, branding, and monetization. Through online social events, you will network with other participants and podcasters around the world. This year we are also launching This is Africa, a podcast that showcases reporting from across the African continent. This is Africa is a place where African journalists and storytellers will be able to tell the kinds of stories they’ve always wanted to tell, while reaching a large international audience. Following the training, you will have the opportunity to pitch and report stories for inclusion in This is Africa or one of the Radio Workshop’s other podcasts. We pay competitive rates in line with international podcasting standards, including productions created during the workshop that feature in any of our podcasts.

What you’ll get

  • A practical introduction to a wide range of audio storytelling skills  
  • One-on-one training and mentoring with experienced editors and producers
  • Experience working on a production team
  • Tutorials led by international experts
  • Social and community networking events

Who you are

  • 18-35 years old
  • Based somewhere, anywhere, in Africa
  • You have experience or skills in storytelling, perhaps as a videographer, reporter, activist, visual artist, communications officer, writer, or radio journalist
  • You want to tell stories about issues impacting you and your community
  • You’re tired of hearing cliché or stereotypical stories about Africans and Africa  
  • You are interested in creating high production value podcasts, whether as a contributor to an existing show or by going on to create your own podcast

The African Podcast Workshop is sponsored by the American Consulate in South Africa, Africa No Filter, Fossil Foundation, Menell Media Exchange, and the KR Foundation.

Applications are closed


Will the workshop provide me with any equipment?

Like podcasters around the world, COVID-19 required us to adapt our techniques. We learned how to use our phones to record, set up studios at home, and do interviews without needing to be face-to-face. We will rely on these self-recording methods for the workshop. However, in certain circumstances, we will help you access equipment if it is related to your participation in the workshop or the production of a story.

I don’t have experience in radio or reporting. Should I still apply?

Yes! We are looking for participants from different backgrounds, but what’s most important is that you have a knack for storytelling. 

Do I need audio editing experience?

No. We will teach you the basics if you are new to audio.

I am outside the age range of 18-35 years old. Can I still apply? 

Yes, although priority will be given to 18-35 year-olds.

Even if I don’t apply for the workshop, can I pitch a story to This is Africa?

Yes! If you are interested in pitching to This is Africa, contact us at  

Are any of the workshop sessions open to the public? 

Yes! Five expert-led webinars and a few networking events will be open to the public. If you’d like to be invited to attend, sign up for our mailing list here.

I already have my own podcast. Can I still apply? 

Yes! Our workshop is tailored to suit the needs of beginners and novice podcasters. We would love to learn from you about your experience and, of course, listen to your podcast!

I have a full-time job. Am I still able to participate?

Yes, however, some sessions that you will be required to attend will take place during daytime working hours. There will also be reporting work you will need to complete outside of scheduled sessions, so be prepared for a significant time commitment.

What days/times of the week will the live sessions take place? 

We will do our best to find a day and time that works for everyone. 

I’m not ready to participate now, but can you keep me updated about future opportunities? 

Of course, sign up for our mailing list here, and we will keep you in the loop.

Can we apply for the workshop as a team?

Yes! Please send an email to if you are interested in applying for the workshop as a team.

Will there be a stipend?

No, however, you will be able to submit a budget for costs associated with the production of your story. And we pay competitive rates for any story featured in a Radio Workshop podcast.

What if I am African but don’t live on the continent? Can I still apply?  

No, unfortunately, we are only taking participants who are based in Africa.

Will the training be archived somewhere and available for participants to access? 

Yes! We’re working on creating a digital platform that will have tools and resources available to the public. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to speed about things as they develop.

How do I join your team? 

We’re not hiring at the moment, but if you’d like to hear about job opportunities in the future, please sign up here.

Applications are closed